Construct a case for your new iPhone 4 using only the following materials:

– A sheet of heavy weight paper such as a card stock (regular printer paper works too, but the case won’t last as long)
– An exacto knife
– A ruler or straight edge, used for guiding the exacto knife
– Something to score the paper before folding, can be a butter knife, toothpick, metal key, etc
– Adhesive. I used glue-tape, but any adhesive suitable for paper will work. Be sure not to leave any glued areas exposed as this would result in glue marks on your iPhone.
– The case template which can be found here: iPhone Case Template

Step 1: Download and print the template

You can add custom graphics by editing the template in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Step 2: Cut the outline of the case. Do not cut anything other than the outline.

Use the ruler or straight edge to guide the exacto blade. I guess scissors would work too, but it wouldn’t be as efficient or precise.

Step 3: Score the fold lines and make the creases.

Use the ruler or straight edge to guide your scoring tool. When done scoring, make the creases. If this is not done before cutting the inside lines you will have a distorted case.

Step 4: Cut out the inside lines. It is important to do this step after making the creases.

Use the ruler or straight edge to guide the exacto blade, being careful not to slice too far. Scissors would be near impossible to use for this.

Step 5: Fold and glue the top and side flaps, leaving the bottom flap open.

I find it easier to glue the large side flap first then glue the top. I apply glue to the flap then carefully line up the edges before pressing down. Remember not to glue the bottom flap.

Step 6: Insert the iPhone 4 and close the bottom flap.

Insert the iPhone into the case with the headphones jack edge first. You may have to bend the side with the volume buttons a little to get the case to slide in completely. I recommend not gluing the bottom flap so you can remove the case without having to destroy it. Also, gluing the bottom flap could leave adhesive on your iPhone when trying to insert the last tab.

At this point your case is complete and your iPhone is installed! Congratulations. Here is another image of the final product.


– Chris